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Arma 3 Key Mapping

Discussion in 'Arma & DayZ' started by Kulprit, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Kulprit

    Kulprit Administrator

    Ok I know this sounds silly, but if you've played Arma 3 you are aware that there are a LOT of commands you want to get at your easy access.

    I wanted to open a discussion on how you guys go about it so as to maybe come up with at the least what you find are the most important keys to have mapped in the best potions (for me on my mouse).

    Let me know what you find guys, and as I get more time in game I will be posting mine as well.
  2. Jauets

    Jauets Active Member

    I'll be figuring that out the next few weeks and will definitely keep this thread going. One suggestion I will say is not to double up on commands on the kb and mouse. For instance "r" for reload. I tend to keep that on my mouse. So I might suggest changing that to "k" for reload and then use "r" for another command that you would easily want (like maybe the Stance Adjust) Then on your mouse bound the "k" to reload.
  3. ertsi

    ertsi the n00b Staff Member

    usually i try to learn the basic keys, with few adjustements:
    space: stand up
    c : crouch
    x: prone

    3rd/1st pov toggle from numpad enter to ctrl+ rmb

    still need to figure out switching between scopes, from numpad / to somewhere else, more convenient
    maybe my mouse thumb
  4. Del Pede

    Del Pede Anti Ertsi Staff Member

    It's blatantly clear, that Clappy needs to remap his action key. ASAP. It's dangerous out there
  5. Kulprit

    Kulprit Administrator

    Haha I think swithcing scope was also ctrl-RMB by default as well but you probably removed it.
  6. ertsi

    ertsi the n00b Staff Member

    haven't done that yet :p
  7. Kulprit

    Kulprit Administrator

    Here is my version 1. Very rough but you can get an idea of what I think should be prioritized for me.

    Stand: Z
    Crouch - X and mouse 6
    Go Prone - space
    Stance Adjust Up - CapsL-W
    Stance Adjust Dwn - CapsL-S

    Toggle View- mouse 3
    Free Look - mouse 5

    Tactical Move - C
    Walk -
    Sprint: Shift

    Change Sights - / on num pad
    Alt Change Sights - CTR + RMB
    Zoom: Hold 2 Mouse Button, Mouse4

    Compass - K, Mouse2
    GPS - R-CTR+M

    Statistics: P
    List of Players: L-Shft+P
    Chat: /
    Push-to-Talk: Caps Lock

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